Scaling problem solved

I’ve had a on going issue with scaling and I’ve found a solution after reading online.When selecting what I want to scale and then select scale from the drop down box sometimes I dont get the little box to change the valve.The fix is to draw a line not connected to your drawing or included in the selection to be scaled.Then when selecting your points to scale pick one on the line that you added and then your box will appear to change your value.


That is a great tip, I wondered why I could not scale sometimes, thanks!

Yeah it has really caused me a headache a few times and knew there had to be a way.It seems it is a know issue with imported files and this is the work around.

Cool trick thank you for sharing it. Been an ongoing issue here as well. Defentily will try it .

Sometimes scaling doesn’t work because the origin point at 0,0 is selected with the points to scale. Deselect the origin point and you show be good to go.

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