Scaling issues with fusion

Hey guys, so I’ve been having issues with scaling items. Let’s say I get an image, change it from svg to dxf and open it in fusion.

I them try to scale it down from whatever size it is to the size I want, but when I go to modify then scale then select the entire image it doesn’t open up the ratio box to submit what ratio you want to change it. Even if I select the entire image prior to going into modify and scale or make sure the uniform box is clicked it does the same thing and won’t have a ratio box open. I was able to get it working a couple times but I really don’t know what I did different than before.

Any ideas?

You have to hit stop sketch and then resize.

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Okay I’ll try it and let you know if that fixed it! Thanks!

Stop sketch or the problem I had was if I try to scale and the origin point is part of the selection it wouldn’t scale. I would select everything, hold shift and deselect the origin point then scale it.

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I have read on the autodesk forum that it is a glitch in the system and they are working on it. I now insert svg files and it will allow me to scale. Also sometimes doing the whole process a few times will allow it to work.