Run from here on Firecontrol

I was cutting a part and had a missfire 6 cuts in. Ok so I figure it’s as good a time to use “run from here”. It seems you can only “run from here” using the g code, how do you know where the g code is on the part with no reference as to where on the part that is? I started taking a few guesses but then I went too far and “run from here” erases the cuts from up to that point. Now you have absolutely no reference point. So now I go back to program zero and reload the program and by counting the ‘torch on’ codes I get to the right spot hit start and the torch moves 2 feet left and 2 feet up and runs the “start from here” sequence… WTF… I’m sure it’s me not being familiar with the software yet. How about having the ability to click on a location on the screen and have it give you the g code location.


@mr540602 We are actually working on this enhancement for FireControl and hope to have it released it he next update!


Thank you for the update. I like the Firecontrol, not complicated but still could use a few tweaks.

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Is it possible to have a Simulate button, and the ability to run FireControl stand-alone, that would allow testing of a path without having to be connected to the table? This would allow more flexible trouble shooting of the code at a desk, instead of in the shop next to the table. Additionally, it would allow new customers waiting on their machine more experienced with the FireControl software, easing the load of questions you probably receive daily.
Looking forward to my Pro table… :smile: Thanks

I’m having a proble with “run from here” i put in the line, and hit run from here. it asks if i want to load the program, i click and then get the message that no program speed is found. I’m in the middle of a full sheet piece so i am really trying to save this cut!!!

Does your gcode file end in:

    M5 M30

Where the 100 would be the IPM you set in your CAM software.
I’m assuming it must, as you were able to load and start it once.

As the previous poster suggests, its likely that the original program is missing the PS value. What did you use to create the original program? Is it missing the THC command codes?

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The only way I know to see the code is with the laptop plugged into the machine and the program loaded. It does not have the speed at the end like yours shows. Program was created in Fusion360.

Unfortunately Firecontrol strips comments and that line is a comment. If you open the gcode file in a text editor and scroll to the bottom you will see it there. Alternatively you can upload it to here, use the button in the toolbar that has an arrow.

In the THC area, is there anything written there for speed?

Yes, I have been having an issue with the run from here function as well… Similar to KBinCo, using fusion to create the code. It obviously has as the speed, otherwise it wouldn’t run from the get go.

Did they ever make the update so when u click on a section of the drawing in Firecontrol it will display that section of gcode?