Run From Here not working using Firecontrol 20.4

Good day. I can never seem to get ‘Run from Here’ in FireControl 20.4 to work. When I select the line and click the ‘Run from Here’ button, I get an error stating ‘No program speed found’ and then it goes into an endless ‘Validating program’ loop. After 10 minutes of waiting for it to validate I have to end the program with Task Manager. I’m using Windows 10 on a fairly new laptop and CrossFire Pro with THC enabled. The only workaround I have when I lose arc voltage is to turn THC off, turn the plasma cutter off, restart from the beginning and then pause just before the section where I want to resume. Then I turn on the plasma cutter and THC and I can resume.

So I was cutting, and had a misfire that I didn’t notice until the cut was done. No big deal right? Just back up through the gcode until you find the spot and recut the section.

Well let me tell you what a pain in the ass that is. Basically just scrolling through the gcode and hitting “run from here” randomly until you seem to get something close. God forbid if you go to far - you get to start over. This sucks in a big file. And don’t think about running the program from somewhere close to where you want to cut because you can’t manually turn the torch off to let the gcode run itself to the target. Why does firecontrol delete the earlier gcode on a run from here?

Finally got to the point I was aiming for after several tries and some careful note taking. And then I experience the “no program speed found” and the endless wheel of “validating program”

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@ktice The issues you described all fixed in 20.5! We’ve been spending months on this release and think it will make people’s lives much easier when cutting and we are excited to release it.

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That’s awesome to hear Mike. I know you mentioned it was to release last week but then with Fushion360 throwing a curve ball at you I know that pushed it back. That being said I was sure disappointed to get home from camping outside of service on Friday night to see it was delayed! When are you guys thinking it might be released?

Thanks for the fast response!

We are shooting for Friday but that will depend on how successful testing goes on the changes we made to deal with Fusion.

If you need some help with testing, I’d certainly be interested! Really looking forward to being able to rotate. I can test the crap out of rotate for you, lol.

Im not a huge fan of the current from from here. I’m use to it now but yes deleting old cuts and regenerating the numbers of gcode throws things off. When you get a second misfire on your restart, you have to reload the whole program and start over because it can’t cut during the loop. Looking forward to the new changes.

Question for @langmuir-daniel I do like how sometimes FC detects a misfire and will reset it automatically, that I got use to and did like. However its very inconsistent on when it detects. Sometimes I have to stop the run manually, other times FC stops it. Any idea what that could be? My codes are typically the same, consumable stuck in torch.