Run from here command function - how does it work?

I see the ‘Run from here’ button which will be very useful when the arc fails or something goes tits up but I don’t see how you determine where ‘here’ is.

I would expect to see it on the visual panel when you click on a line of code. Is this not the expected behaviour of the software? Or do I need to learn to read the Gcode like some nerdy robot? :slight_smile:

When a cut fails the run from here command will be in the right place. Click it and load the “new” program. The visualizer will then show you what the remaining portion of the original program will be.

If you lose that position, you can go back through the code and find the starting point you want through trial and error, since it won’t let you start a program in the middle of a tool path. It will always go to the start point of the path you picked.

Depending on how big the file is, you can scroll through the code and look for retain commands the signify the start of a cut.

I can’t remember what they are, M05 H01 something. I need to just print out a g code cheat sheet so I can slowly learn it. Doesn’t seem too complicated.

Hope this helps.

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Great, thanks for that :slight_smile: