Rnr motion card not found

Things have been going great for a while now. Been getting a lot done with this table. Came out to the garage today to make some cuts I need tomorrow. I open Mach plug in table and get the message rnr motion card not found and also a message pops up saying the last usb I connected malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it. Please help

I’d swap USB ports on the laptop. Also try a new USB cable. Those are quick and cheap.

Then it’s gonna get into diagnosing the control box :slightly_frowning_face:

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Just tried that and same thing :weary:

Is there a red led lit up in the control box?

Did you recycle everything? Turn everything off, turn PC on, turn control unit on and then start Mach3.

If no led and the restart process doesn’t fix things, it’s a Support problem.

I did completely power everything down and started over and still got the same message. I opened up the box and see 2 green leds but no red

I’ve tried calling to see if I can get customer support
And nothing and sent an email a while ago and nothing.

If we tag @langmuir-daniel he’ll see it and get you taken care of. Or @langmuir-aksel will.

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Thank you I appreciate your help

Hey Tristan! I think I talked to you over email on Friday, was your issue taken care of?

Thank you, it was, the new card is set to be delivered tomorrow.

Mine had the same problem. The new card fixed it right up.

I was blown away by the speed of how they handled it as well.

Great support for such a new “small” company. Keep it up!

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I had same problem yesterday after manually cutting some scrap with jog and F5 torch control. When I loaded new g-code to cut piece got RnR not found message. Emailed Langmuir and got response this am. Changed USB port on laptop and problem solved . Not sure why the first USB port stopped being recognized after 6 months of use but all good again.

i am currently having this problem. worked great for a year , just came out and got the RNR motion card not found. tryed both USB ports. nothing. downloaded the windows patch. nothing.
there had been a red light on in the box. after rebooting computer and turning box off and on red light gone but the RNR motion still not recognized.
please help me

the red light should be on when plugged into the computer. have you tried a different USB cable?

I found a different cable and the cable is working.
The problem now is that Mach 3 opens then freezes .
I have to reboot the computer but nothing. It opens and freezes. Not responding
Is this because the windows patch I down loaded thinking it was the problem not the cable?

sorry…software is not my best point…try dumping mach3 and reloading…

hi just thought you might try this i found after a lengthy search on the net if you go into device manager and see if you roll back your usb drivers it worked for me also check mach3 folder and see if you have an rnr motion dll