Request : Outline feature

I’ve been cutting lots of ornament type 1 pierce animal silhouette’s lately and being able to just check a button to have it cut around the piece I just cut with a pre-set border thickness / shape would be a terrific way to make more use of material.

Who do I need to pay. lol

That is an interesting idea.

Have you tried to do any “nesting” or “arrange” strategies to best use up a sheet of material?

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I have done some tight nesting but regardless you’re wasting some space.

Having the square ‘outline’ of the silhouette cut out is just another few bucks to be made from every sheet.

I was just curious. I could just have a 6x6 square I could load after cutting each silhouette and run it after every pass or something.

Fire control could use a solid shapes menu though like some other CNC machines. Would be a powerful tool.

Thanks for the reply Tin

Why not just design your files as a negative cut from a rectangle and then you’d have both parts?

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I could, yes. Still just requesting a feature. Thanks