Relief cuts not recognized

I have drawn up a few sketches, whether from scratch or editing files from Fireshare. After finishing the sketch, some areas that will be cut out are not being recognized. How can I “cut out” these components so that I can move from design and into manufacture to create my tool paths?

Fusion does that to me sometimes, go back to design so it is not extruded, save it , close Fusion and reopen the thing again and extrude it again, sometimes things are just floating on the page and are not incorporated into the files.
Worth a try. Good luck.

Sometimes selecting a start point gets it to cut. Otherwise, I have had to change the angle and the length of the lead in / lead out. It doesn’t look like a small cutout there though. Both things would be worth a try

Install the sketch checker extension.You have a broken line in the somewhere and sketch checker will show you where.