Relay always on

the electronic board is always giving on signal for RELAY control of the torch what can I do about this issue, can anyone give me advice that I can control this signal or restart somehow? Also I have an error message like that!

The machine is not showing as connected in the screenshot. Is it connected to the table with a USB cable? Does that error come up every time you open Firecontrol? You may have a corrupt install and need to uninstall and re-install.

If the relay is truly stuck in the torch firing position, it is faulty and needs to be replaced. Have you emailed Langmuir Support about these issues?

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Yes machine is not showing not connected because of this error normally was connected but when I was trying to stop the program I get this error !

So I had an issue where I originally thought it was the relay that was an issue. Appeared to be pretty common when troubleshooting with Langmuir. If you go to their website there are some things to check to see if the relay works correctly in the troubleshooting section. it may be stuck in the open position?

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Thank you for your response, I checked Langmuir website troubleshooting unfortunately there is no explanation about the board that always running looks like a stuck as you said (

reach out to them. I did and they sent out a new relay switch within a week once they narrowed the issue down after sending some pictures and correspondence

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