Redacted/Sold Thanks

Sold, Thanks for the help everybody.

sorry to hear this…hope life turns around for you soon…

Good luck man, all the best to you!

Where are you located? how much are you looking to get and what would be the shipping cost (if your not near los angeles)?


Hey WatchTowerFab, My main account got put on hold temporarily for responding to too many people too quick, go figure :slight_smile: If you would like to talk pricing and details, please sent me an email, and from there if you would like to talk on the phone, I will send you my phone number so it is not public information if that is ok.

The email you can reach me at is
Much appreciated for your interest!

I am located in Wisconsin though, and I am willing to ship it the same way it was shipped to me, in the original boxes via ups, but I am also open to driving to meet somebody within a reasonable distance if you are located near Wisconsin or within a “meet half way in-between” range

thank you much