Razorweld Cut Chart

I have yet to try 35 amps with the .8 tip, but I may give it a try just to see how it does. I’m not cutting any font or real technical design, so the 1.0 tip works great

For line 16 withe 0.375 plate it was a trafimet machine torch with 0.8 tip. I really do need to get some larger tips to try out.

So 0.8 tip, For what its worth Machine torch, the 12 IPM seams close to what she wanted. dross remove wasn’t bad from what I recall. Thinking it was 0.060 shim, Pierce was fine from what I recall and better than expected but don’t recall delay I am thinking around 1 second.

This chart is really getting great. Love that it shows tip size and type, shim used, and some pierce delays.

Keep up the good work!


Razorweld owners additional feedback please :slight_smile:

Thank You

One to add… Razorweld 45, 45 amps, .9 Harbor Freight Tip, .25 304 Stainless, 15 ipm, clean cut, .06 height

Done. Just updated it.

Thanks for the info




Been cutting 24 gauge mild steel best results so far is 120ips, 20amps and 50 psi. To much air and the torch was blowing out

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Thanks. Updated the Google sheet.

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Where can you find the 1.0 drag tips for the razorcut 45?

Amazon, eBay or our own @gamblegarage

Tried searching on amazon couldn’t find anything. What did you type in exactly?

Trafimet S45 consumables.

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This chart doesn’t seem to be as active, is there a newer version everyone is using?

I’m looking for settings on 1/2" steel.

It is only as active as people supply feedback


I don’t think anyone has posted settings for 1/2" steel.

The last update is indicated on the top of the sheet. It was yesterday in fact.

Have a question. First off thank you for the chart ! As its what Ive been looking for to get some ideas where to start. What kerf settings are you guys using as I don’t see it mentioned on the chart? Or did I over look them?

You didn’t overlook them. They’re not in there because they’re really not modifiable by the user. They’re a result of the material, power, speed and tip size. You can’t tell the torch you want .06" for instance and have it cut that wide a kerf.

You tell Fusion or Sheetcam what your kerf size is so it knows how far away from the drawn cutline to actually cut so the edge of the kerf aligns with the line and your part comes out the exact size you drew it.

The only way to get the precise size of your kerf is to cut a variety of test lines or patterns at various speeds, power and tips on each material.

Most plasma CNC users will generally use something between .055 - .06" as the kerf setting and only do the detailed testing needed for precision if they are making specific parts that require it.


Somebody screwed up the cut chart… it was edited by anonymous. Anybody have the actual full cut chart. … NM, you can go back in versions, I hope someone is just trying to clean it up.

Looks like a bunch of rows and some columns were deleted. I reverted it to the last one with all the columns and rows populated (4/30/19). If there were any valid updates since then, those were lost but it didn’t look in the version history that there were any - just a bunch of deletions.

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