Razorweld cut 45 Hand Torch For Sale

S45 hand torch for sale Works perfect. $100 plus shipping OBO.

Did you sell the power-supply that quickly, or are you just looking to buy the new X45.

Didnt sell it that quick. Just didnt get any bites. Was going to sell it on ebay or maybe try the new torch first to see if I get better cut quality with the thicker stock. I am cutting 7 - 10ga often so I honestly want something with around 60 amps with a little better duty cycle.

We are in the same boat. I LOVE my Razorweld, however I often do 5-7 minute cuts at 45Amps on 3-7 gauge. I’ve never hit the thermal shutdown, however I really feel that I’m close to maxing out my machine.

Do you still have the original torch that came with your razorweld 45 would be interested in buying it if the price was right.

yes this is the original torch that came with the 45. I do not use it since buying the s45 machine torch from Gamble Garage. PM me and we will work something out.