Razorweld 45 torch problem

I bought some nozzles and electrodes on amazon a month or so ago. Threw a 1.0mm tip in the torch and set it to 42A to hand cut some 3/16 mild steel diamond plate. The air supply system has 2 compressors on it, one big enough to run the machine, and a backup. The air goes through a 2 stage filter set up, and a motorguard that is attached to the plasma cart. I got about 120 inches of cut, and had checked the hole on the nozzle a couple times.

When i decided to change it, the electrode looked bad. It was disfigured and discolored so i went to change that too. I hand tightened it in and gave it MAYBE 1/16 more with pliers. Well to get it out i had to fight it. The threads on the torch were mangled, it looks like the electrode welded to it.

So now I need a new torch head. Ive found things online saying I can use ipt40 torches or s45 torches. Can anyone confirm what I should buy? Also, do you think I did something wrong with operating the unit that caused this?

If the tip wasn’t a drag tip or you didn’t use a drag shield, you may have not maintained proper tip clearance. Long distance cut (& slow possibly) would allow heat buildup & flashback that cooked it. Also, not sure if there’s a duty cycle defined for it (like welders) that you may have exceeded as well.

This is the right torch head you need for your RW45 ebay number 173928020818

You over tightened the electrode

You may also consider buying the right original consumables for that torch head as well. They are on the same ebay store.

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