Razorweld 45 runs for 15 sec

my razorweld 45 will only run for 15 seconds, rather I use the pc to activate it or my finger on the trigger. Im running a 40 gallon compressor with 9cfm, it doesnt even kick on. It doesnt matter what material I am trying to cut thru nor does it matter the amp setting.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the plasma cutter. You are not the only user that we have heard from facing this problem with the cut 45. Please send an email to sales@razorweld.com. They should be able to get a warranty claim going for you. Feel free to cc support@langmuirsystems.com We’ll assist you/them however we can.

is your electrode loose? 40 gallons is plenty but how much pressure do you have coming into the machine? I say set it for 75-80psi

Also make sure you have a clean ground to the material. You won’t get a cut if you ground to the table and the material has pvc/plastic coating on it.

130psi from the tank, plasma cutter evidently is internally regulated to 80psi. Ran the ground to the water table electrode, then the slat then the material. For the 10 to 15 sec it’s on per trigger pull, it cuts well.

You can not run 100+ psi to the back of the machine
More is not better in these cases
Internal has a bleed off but you can still have too much pressure

Could it stop cutting because the torch gets too far away? Try cutting by hand and clamping directly to the material and see what happens

I’ve ran the pressure at 100 and 40, same results. Handcutting or machine, head up or head right on the material… it runs for exactly 7 seconds (finally timed it) and shuts off. Doesn’t matter what the setting, material etc. I shot a short video, I’ll upload it and post the link.

And razorweld has so far not replied to my email and didn’t answer the phone today.

The ground was connected directly to the metal.

To me, it seems like the duty cycle time is kicking in.

Looks like you are cutting way too high
That’s the pilot arc only and the cutting arc isn’t even engaging
Likely a bad ground connection or not close enough to the work piece

I found the issue. I sanded the ground connector and it started working. I am guessing there was something from the manufacturing process on the clamp. Now to learn how to get a clean cut.

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A clean cut is the balance of power, movement speed and air pressure. Most plasma cutters have a cut speed chart in the owners manual or under the side panel of the machine. They will give you a good place to start.