Razorweld 45 not firing, but fires manually with the trigger

So my Crossfire with the Razorweld 45 is not firing. It will fire if I push the trigger but not on the program. I’ve had this over a year and long story short I was diagnosed with MS right after getting it so it’s taken me nearly a year to get to the point of using it. I know this question has been asked before but I’ve tried the troubleshooting and other things I’ve read here. I checked the relay, and while I don’t hear it clicking on, it does seem to be installed firmly. I think I have everything hooked up correctly but I’ve added pictures for you pros to help me double check. The CNC table does seem to work fine as it will run my program no problem. It just can’t get it to fire.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m excited to get this thing going.

if you don’t hear the relay clicking while doing a manual fire in firecontrol then the relay is most likely bad.

i would reseat it just for he hell of it.

Are you sure the trigger cable is hooked to the right plug.

No I’m not sure, but I put it where the instructions said.

Some of the rw45 are backwards. It won’t hurt anything to switch them.

That creates a new problem. lol I can not for the life of me get that side to plug in and connect. It’s like there is something keeping the cable from going all the way in to plug.

They should be the same plug. I say that because mine was backwards I am not at home so I can’t tell you which is which. I think they have a dowel or something to line them up. May need to twist it

yeah they have two pins. I can easily get the left side one to connect, but the right side is a no go.

Will it go in if you rotate it 180?

yeah but it still won’t go all the way into the plug, like the left side will.

Maybe the pins in the plug bent?

I don’t think so, it seems more like the metal housing around it has some burs. I may try and clean those up but I’m not sure if that’s it.

If you don’t hear the relay click when you try to fire the Torch from Firecontrol, it won’t fire no matter where the cable is plugged in.

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Well the good news is reseating the relay makes it click now. The bad news is, the torch still won’t fire.

Ok. That means the Torch fire cord is plugged into the wrong port or it’s not plugged into the Torch on/off port on the enclosure. That plug needs to be pushed in pretty hard sometimes, to get it fully seated.

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I just home. I will check mine in few

Mine the torch fire is on the left. Your picture is correct… I would grab a meter and check the cable. Then go from there.

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I wonder about the on/off on the port because it doesn’t seem like I can get that to go in all the way on the enclosure. I’ll take a pic tomorrow and post it. I pushed pretty hard but was afraid I’d break it so I didn’t go any harder.

That type of connector has two different sized center pins (2.1mm & 2.5mm). A plug designed for 2.1mm pin will NOT plug into a 2.5mm pinned socket… Worth checking the center pin diameter.

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You know it is at your own risk thing you can use a paperclip to jump across to see if it works . You can also check the cable with a meter to make sure it is making when fc tells it to fire. Those are easy check to start eliminating stuff.

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