Razorweld 45 CNC power ratings

What are you reading for voltage at your receptacle.

L1 to ground…

L2 to ground…

L1 to L2…

@stevenr816 I did a quick check on my razor weld. I ran it just long enough to stabilize amps. Full throttle pull on one leg was 25 amp. Turned back to about half amps was 16. May not help you but information to compare.


That helps greatly seeing im at 50amps in at 32 amps out.

Sorry being a newb acct it limited my daily replies.
L1 to G 118.6
L2 to G 118.4
L1 to L2 206.0

I called Razorweld, at first they straight said the board is bad, now after “review” if it’s not pulling more that 40 its ok. But the video i sent clearly shows 50in at 32 out. On top of that the book say 30.

Are they sending you a board or are you sending your unit to them?

Voltage seems a little low but if they’re pointing towards a board issue then that’s likely what it is.

Let us know how it works out.

The first technician said oh ya theres a big problem and we replace these boards all the time.
Then after the second person looked at it they said its fine as long as it doesnt pull more thatn 40.
Book says max 30, they say 40, im at 50 with the machine at half.

With L1 + L2 being 237v, how does it show 206 between L1/L2?

Do you have three phase going to your building and then splitting off at 208 v off that?

A lot of newer plasma cutter and welders do not like to run well on 208 volts.

A 30 amp 240 volt circuit with 10 gauge wire will take 35 amps for some time before kicking out.

If you are on a 50 amp breaker with 6 gauge wire and the plasma cutter is kicking it out there is something wrong with the plasma cutter.

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