Razorcut will randomly fire

Help! im in the middle of a long term job and my razercut 45 now cuts intermittently. when it moves to the next cut, it may or may not fire but if I loop to that cut and repeatedly hit start and stop it will eventually make the cut. it blows air like its supposed to but won’t fire. Now on top of that my xy axis will travel and lock up. Related or unrelated? I have all of 8 hours on this machine.

What torch are you using or have? As far as the table xy wipe them clean and blow them off .

I’m using the X45 torch.

Check the swirl ring and make sure the electrode moves freely up and down in it with the plunger. Any binding from dirt, water etc. will cause trouble like misfires. Also if you haven’t done it you may want to up the air pressure to 75 psi or so an make sure your compressor can maintain that.