Razorcut 45 with machine torch

So i ordered a machine torch from langmuir for my raorcut45 and i plugged it in and it didnt work :frowning: Frustrated with finding this out i reached out to @mechanic416
After chatting with george we established that i needed to give him a buzz so we could work this out over the phone. Im from Australia and george is in the USA so it was going to be a little tricky, but i rang george monday moring (aus time) which was sunday night usa time and he answered straight away and spent a solid 20-30 mins on the phone with me while we worked out the wiring that needed to be changed (i couldnt have done it without him). The problem was not anyones fault but the aus built razorcuts are very different to the US razorcuts in their torch wiring. George ran me through everything and im pleased to say its working perfect now, thanks again!!
@langmuirsystems @langmuir-daniel