RazorCut 45 Leaking Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge on my RazorCut 45 stated leaking slowly which turned into a massive leak. It’s right on the copper seam inside the gauge itself. I emailed RazorWeld a few times to buy a replacement gauge, but I didn’t receive any response.

While at Harbor Freight, I noticed they have 1/8" back mount 1-1/2" dial gauges, part number 64554. Turns out it’s a 100% identical part, except the face is a different color/graphic. You need to carefully cut the metal shell off the HFT gauge, pull out the guts of the gauge, and it will slide right into the RazorCut’s gauge housing. It’s a quick and easy swap and now it works perfect with no leaks.

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Good info thanks. DIY saved you $$