Raw plates off center

Anyone else’s plates off this far. Not that big of a deal I’ll trim them straight. But my OCD will never let me not have them line up.

Yes that’s typical, just make sure the grid of holes on the left side is aligned to the grid of holes on the right side.

OK thanks Danny. I’m going to trim the plates straight before setting them.

Should it be? “Typical” I mean - these are machined plates, you figure it’s not difficult to get the sides consistent.

The plates themselves are made from a custom die extrusion that we had manufactured. The length offsets here are within tolerance for how we process the lengths which is by bandsaw cutting. What matters more than anything is the hole spacing which we control extremely well on a CNC mill. It’s cosmetic more than anything, and doesn’t justifify the cost increase to true them up given that is doesn’t impact performance whatsoever.


The length of these plates aren’t machined, they are band saw cut. Typical production tolerance is around +/-.030 which is sufficient for the required function.

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Yeah these are off about .120 but I got it fixed lol


Haha. Now that’s how you getter done.


Maybe if you had a CNC mill that would have been easier :rofl:


Lol, I call them pre-chips!

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I wish, maybe some day lol!