Rail guards to keep the crap off of them

Has anyone designed rail guards to keep the plasma blow off and water spray from getting on the guards? If so would you share the pictures.

Thank you Tim

You know it was funny, i was thinking this too but, I don’t see any way to do it without impeding your operating space. I suppose one thing you could do is invent wings that could go under the table that would catch the blow off and drain it back in to a central drop but, that seems like overkill.

I am trying to work on it and will let you know if i figure something out. I think it would only need to be on the side rail with the torch.

I kind of remember some guy had like a “toilet plunger” shroud around his Torch? I wonder if that would help some of the splash and debris???

Yea I have a small silicone funnel on the end of mine it does help some. I purchased from amazon a while back. Unfortunately due to my fat fingers I sometimes jog the cutter while it is still cooling and the air will blow water all over the rails…

Silicone canning funnel. Amazon…it’s about $7.00.
Measure your torch and get the one that will fit.
Mine was 1.375.


Yeah I did but I had a water table built for my pro that has straight sides.

The three colored lines represent 3 pieces of 1/8th aluminum screwed together. They are 4", 3" and 2". The black lines represent my water table. They are not permanent so i can take them off if needed to load material. It helps but I still get some splash.

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