Radius to end of arc error

Guys, I know this topic comes up from time to time but here I am.

For some reason, all of a sudden everything i post from sheetcam comes up with this error in Mach3.

I’ve tried changing my IJ settings and that doesn’t fix it. I’ve tried adding g91.1 to the beginning of my gcode… nothing (although I’m not totally sure I’m doing that correctly) I’m hoping someone has an idea. Is there something I’ve done in sheetcam to mess this up? Some wrong setting? This has ground me to a halt because the things I need to cut make my fusion 360 crash. (A whole other problem I’ll address later)

ANY help would be super appreciated!!!

wish I could help…but I do not use Mach3…

Ok i just tried it using the generic mach3 post. (I was using mach3 no z before) so now it posted…I think…I see no errors BUT I also see nothing in my table display. I see no part.