Quoting and Pricing

I just sent a 15" diameter sign (18 gauge) on Monday from Indiana to Northern California by UPS. The weight was 3lbs with it sandwiched between two pieces of thick cardboard from an old box. I tape the edges pretty heavy with packing tape to add strength.

UPS charged me $17 with delivery in 4 days.

Thank you for the info! I was questioning myself on if I should have used UPS or fed ex. But Looks like UPS and USPS is running close to the same then.

Mine was about 23x20 16 ga. 5lbs 15.85 oz Kokomo Indiana to Tampa Bay area. Supposed to be there Monday.

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You should have my UPS and USPS bills. I just received a 18lb box from Italy UPS shipping was $504.60.

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That’s crazy, that’s more than my Laser cost to ship. It was from China.
Is that counting duty fees?

No duty’s, just shipping. Got another one coming next week.

I’d say lucky you, but not at that shipping cost