Question on the size and scale of the table

Hi All
Still trying to get the unit up and running. I am having trouble with the scale translating to the table

I have a 24x24 table
I have downloaded the DLL and pasted into mach3/plugins
When run the table from 1 corner to the opposite it believes the table is 160 x 160

Is there something fundamental (likely) that I am missing. appreciate any ideas

Thx bg

Yes, you need the CrossFire Config file. You’ll find that in the downloads area. This is a text file that you put into your Mach3 top level folder and then, when you start up Mach3, you need to specify that as your configuration.

You’ll find it at:

Titled: CrossFire Mach3 Profile

Right-click, 'Save Link As'

Move into Mach3 folder (Usually C:/Mach3)
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thanks, I certainly missed this file and have it now. When you say “Specificity that as your configuration” any insight on how I accomplish that? if there is a video or something I should reference just let me know. Thanks for the help, much appreciated

I got it, needed to run “loader” again. Looks promising! Thank you

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