Qcad/cam questions

Has anyone tried the cam module on qcad for sending g code to firecontrol? I haven’t even got my table, but I’m deciding which software pack I need to devote time to.
Seems like a 2 step solution might be better than a 3 step solution. But If someone has direct knowledge that would be awesome.
I’m NOT interested in Fusion 360. I am married to an architect and am fully aware of the games that AutoDesk play. Therefore I’m searching for an alternative.

Inkscape and sheetCAM is a good combo.

As long as it a makes a SVG or DXF you are all set, dump that into sheetCAM.

I too have some contempt of Autodesk but…

warning unpopular opinion!


Almost all the issues with fusion360 is that people expect it to be intuitive.

It is not.

Fusion360 is set up and designed to prompt workflow.

The hardest part of Fusion 360 for me was unlearn all my bad habits from friendly intuitive software.

I still get pissed with autodesk, like recently when the nest/ arrange plug in finished its preview and became pay to paid at 2000$ a year. I still come back.

undiagnosed Stockholm syndrome?

I do want to try sketchup 8 to sheetCAM to firecontrol.

now you got me to download qCAD, we’ll see where that leads.

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QCad can produce either DXF or SVG files, both of which SheetCam can consume. SheetCam is about the easiest tool in this whole menagerie of SW and will accept output from practically anything. So, no matter what you use to create/buy/steal to get design files, SheetCam will generate the proper toolpath for CrossFire.


Have you tried the cam version of qcad? Does it require specific setting files on the back end like sheet cam does?

No. The only thing I’ve used QCad for is to fix DXF files that other CAD programs have messed up. I haven’t used it for design work.

I haven’t even seen that it has a cam portion. I even paid for the premium version ($30?).

But you would need a post processor written specifically for qcad. I don’t think it’s that difficult because hypertherm wrote one for me in like a day with just a previous example tap file as a reference.