Problems with cable

Has anyone experienced a problem with the cable from the control box to the plasma cutter. Sometimes the torch doesn’t fire, if I twist the cable it will fix the problem. The Crossfire is an early model with a Viper 30i. If I pull the cable out of the box you can see a ring near the end of the connector where I have twisted the cable when this happens. It’s not working at all.

can you post a picture

Are you talking about the torch on-off cable? I broke the connector off mine by stepping on the cable and replaced it with one of these.

Just cut off the female end and hook it up like the original.

That’s the cable. Mine is actually loose in the box. As a short term fix I’ve tape the cable to the side of the box to put a little pressure on it so that it doesn’t vibrate and break the connection during the cut.

Thanks for the information. Once I determine if it’s the cable or the jack I’ll post the results