Pro Y rails have gone out of square

My Pro table has been assembled and in use since May 2020. Recently, I noticed that I am getting binding in the same spot in Y- travel (11” in) after hitting the extreme of Y+ travel. I checked and my Y axis rails now measure 1/16 off. Corner to corner, I’m close to 3/8 off. I also can no longer manually even up the gantry position by turning the lead screw.

I’d like to fix this issue, obviously, and assume I need to disassemble and resquare? Is there a way to resquare the Y rails without removing the water table and or leg gussets? I’d really appreciate any advice you all can give me. Thanks.

nope…to do it right pull it apart…or you willdo it again in the future…I posted my stories and some pictures here…


@toolboy What did you do to avoid pan leaking after removal? Did you upsize the screws or just replace with the same? This thing has been together for 3 years without a leak…don’t want to start now.

Personally I wouldn’t remove the water pan screws completely, just back them out a quarter inch or so, square your rails, straighten up the water table, squirt a little silicone caulk under the screw heads and tighten them back down. By not removing the table you don’t run the risk of damaging the seam between halves and it’ll speed up the process of getting it back up and running.


Thank you. I will give that a try.

I replaced the gaskets on the screws with new ones…available at most hardware stores…and I used a nice blob of pipe dope into the hole…

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in my case I had to remove the whole pan as it was bad…in fact when it went back together only a few holes lines up perfectly…

Silicone is not great for an application like this…pipe dope is much better.