Pro Table Build Pics

I don’t mind, I don’t think it’s an issue for assembly, everything has gone together perfect. I’m just hoping I didn’t mess something up somehow. But I can’t see any other way for it to have gone together

Why haven’t you installed the inside stachon plates? I don’t recall having to leave them off.

on edit:
As long as your corners look like below, you should be good:
rear, outside right:

rear, inside left:

rear, inside right:

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BAH!!! Thank you. I found the second set before going inside last night and though to myself, I can’t see where these will be needed…

Yeah, I see where they are needed now. My dad had stopped by and helped hold the rail in place and I must have gotten distracted.


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Jemejia, thanks again for your advice on the PW Cut 60. On my first cuts I was getting “Arc Voltage Lost” (or something like that) errors and the cut wouldn’t complete. The torch would stop and thankfully turn off as well.

I was able to work through the issue by raising the THC voltage sampling to 200 (from default 50) as per LS recommendations for the Cut 60. Got a few more inches of cut out of that, but still not a complete cut. The magic pill was simply one more wrap (3 vs 2) in the ferrite choke provided in Box 2 by LS. I was then able to complete a full part cut.

Subsequently, per your recommendation I had ordered more ferrite chokes and added another one with 2 wraps of the USB cord through. I dropped the TCH voltage sampling down to 180 and have been getting complete part cuts every since.

Last thing. Being a noob, on one cut I forgot to zero my axis and crashed the torch into a slat. Luckily I have a break-away torch mount, but that left my torch laying lengthways on the metal plate with plasma cone a-blazing. Within seconds ripped out the USB cable from the side of my laptop, and Voila! shut 'er off. So thanks a ton for that USB cable quick-disconnect tip. I would have been scrambling for at least another 5-10 seconds I’m sure without that trick in my back pocket.

can you post a link where i can find those caster wheels and inserts?

Hey I am sorry for the delay I didnt see the message until now. Here are the the items I ordered from McMaster Carr Threaded-Stem Leveling Caster, M12 Thread x 7/8" Long Stem and 2" Diameter Wheel High-Capacity Leveling Mount Insert for Tubular Legs for 2" Outer and 1-13/16" Inner Square, M12 x 1.75 mm Thread

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I have the same setup…two pieces of advice
Put a set screw through the steel table leg to hold the insert or the wheel and insert fall out if you lift the table . And this is annoying if you are alone and trying to put them back in.
Next in the file share of the website is a wrench already drawn that fits the wheels to tighten them.

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I finally got my table put together today. Then I pulled a real dumbass move. I wanted to make sure the plasma cutter was going to work and everything was good. I did a manual torch run without water in it and I blew a hole right through my water table. I feel like a complete dipshit. Oh well it was a learning experience. :joy: I took a small piece of metal and just siliconed it over the whole. Hopefully it still holds water.


FlexSeal ! sorry about the lesson learned. yikes

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You’re not the first :grin:


The aluminum spacer should be on the outsides of the tubes with a smaller holes inward for the tubes to fully seat against each other, which will make it more stable. The spacer (if left on the inside) will keep the tubes separated, leaving a gap. Might also cause leg hole mis-alignments.

Just sent them an email about the same issue! Haha.

Can’t wait to hear back!

I received my Batch 1 table earlier this year, but was waiting to sell my CrossFire XL before setting it up. I’m finally ready to make first fire tonight!

pretty much my exact setup. CUT60 with the HF 29g compressor with aftercooler.

Here is a video of my CrossFire Pro build.

Hope you like iti.


Nice well put together, detailed video. Have had an awesome experience with mine so far as well. Good Plug for LS Pro tables… :+1:

Thanks…video 2 coming soon

Nice job on this. Lot of work to do this kind of video.

@Nitetrain, what floor coating do you have in your shop? Nice video and nice shop! Thank you.

i have completed mechanical assembly and have run the breakin routine, will start adding the compressed air, and plasma cutter permanent wiring now.

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