Pro electronics

My Pro table has been nothing but problems. The Y1 motor stopped working. I unplugged the X motor and plugged Y1 into X and it jogs fine. If I leave X unplugged, Y works sometimes. I’m Over this. I have used the table a dozen times and issues. All driver lights are green and latest version of FC.

Have you checked the screws on y motor electrical plug that fastens it to controller box? My screws were to long not letting plug seat all the way into control box port. Removed screws and added two 8mm lock washers to each screw on all the plugs and have had no issues for 2 years now.

Yes, I have switched it to X and it works perfectly. Move it back and leave X unplugged and its intermittent. It started months ago and I would restart FC a few times and everything would work. Now this.
Would it benefit to buy better electronics for the box?

have you reached out to Langmuir on their support email?

What he meant was have you tried to just plug in the connectors without screwing them in? the screws on the connectors are long and if you screw them all the way in, the connector backs out of the port which will cause electrical connectivity issues to include burning the pins.

if you look at the Y1 connector, do the pins look burnt or bent?

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They reached out to me weeks ago. No help

Yes, pins look great. The motor works fine on another port, X motor runs fine on Y1. I am about ready to ship the whole box to LS. Maybe they can figure it out.