Power pulses in Arizona

Tried to use my Hypertherm 40 xp after having no problem for over a year I’ve had it. Fan was osolating and sounded different. Cuts were intermittent good to no penetration on same line. Yesterday I went to cut again and thel power supply would flash one green led on AC and then off and nothing. An led strip light on another circuit was flashing and the gfi breaker in the panel kept tripping. Recycled breaker at main panel including 200a and then did the same on 100a sub breaker. I already had the plasma in my truck ready to take in for service. Plugged back in and everything back to normal. Not sure if pulses were from APS but glad to be back to normal

Sounds like a brown-out. 'Tis the season here in the valley of the sun. How many of us would live here now without AC?

I’ve never looked into a 240v surge protector.

I have them on all my Heat Pumps after I lost one a couple of seasons ago:

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Yeah, loosing the plasma would suck but the AC would be worse in AZ! My capacitor died when we had the 116 degree day two weeks ago. Luckily it happened over night and I got a new one from Grainger when they opened and had it back up and running by 9am. I can’t imagine that happening here in late afternoon when everything is closed. That’s a hotel stay for sure.

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