Posts & Cad-Cam

When will we know what Post Processors will be available. I don’t know if one for Mastercam is in the works. I suspect not due to the typical end user.

Trying to figure out if I need to learn Fusion 360, have tried before and really don’t care for it. But it may be the path of least resistance.

I had asked earlier about CAM support as a comment in one of the videos and didn’t get a clear answer. I had asked specifically about MeshCAM which is what many CAD packages use for CAM including Alibre.

I’m a Mastercam user at the day job. Just need to know where to focus my efforts, before the machine arrives.

Just saw the Fusion 360 video that LS posted today. For getting started, I guess that’s the direction I need to go.

Hopefully they will also release a 4th axis post for Fusion when they introduce the 4th axis at the same time.

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Hi coolvdub. I can not seem to find this Fusion video, anyway you could share this link?

I believe this is the video he was referencing


THank you WorkNPlay I completely missed that.

Yes, that is the video I was talking about. Thanks for linking it WorkNPlay.