Podcast round table for CNC hobbyist cutters

Would there be any interest if I set up a roundtable podcasts for talking all things related to plasma cutting? I would ask that a a handful of cutters on this forum join forces to discuss tabled items on each segment. It would be geared to helping out this community. I find that there is an incredible amount of good information out here and this would be a place to kind of put some of that together in a different kind of format. My way of giving back to all the great people on here that have helped me out.


I think it would be a great idea, I used to join in on a youtube live fusion 360 seminar, was kinda cool. Or was it facebook? I don’t remember.
Lots of good people learning this stuff.
A live Facebook something hosted by some smarty pants that talks way too fast for me would be really cool.
I think your onto something.

Wouldn’t hurt to try something

I would love to listen in as well…

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I’m looking for a few volunteers to join me in the first attempt of a podcast. It will last about 45 minutes to an hour or so and we’ll start with a very basic discussion. No experience in podcasting is needed.
Just a computer and a headset or plug in mic both which could be bought for way cheap,.

I’ll start working on the topics, the more diverse panel the better the material that we can share.
Disclaimer: I am in no way a professional, I just have a little experience with podcasting and looking for an additional platform to share information.

So let’s give it a try, PM me if you have any questions about setup, format, or just want a little more details.

Sounds cool, I would think you would want to break it up into maybe 15 min segments, try to change subjects, maybe some fusion talk, then some Mach3 talk and then cutting talk. Keep it from going on about one subject so it stays interesting.

how to set router table top in CNC machine?
and which design is quick for cnc cutting?