Please list free or very cheap cad programs that you use

Let’s get a post going on what everyone is using for cad other than fusion please.I would prefer free but list what you got and how much it costs.If it’s free for students please dont say its free.I do most work in inkscape but still need to do alot in cad.For some reason fusion wont let me log in even after a reinstalled . I just want to eliminate it from my work flow.I have a slow internet connection and just want to work not wait on updates.

LibreCAD and DesignSpark Mechanical work great.


I know LibreCAD is free is the other?

Ok downloading now and both are free.

Designspark will not let you import dxf files directly so that’s something to keep in mind.

That’s good to know. I’ve been learning it and liked it so far, but…:thinking:

If you only want to do 2D try Solid Edge 2D

I find the interface better than QCad/LibreCad. It’s really free, doesn’t require internet connection after install. You will get a call from a sales guy but once he hears all you do is 2D plasma he’ll leave you alone, they want to upsell on Solid Edge 3D.

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You don’t say whether free for hobbyist counts, but Solid Edge for Students is also free for Hobbyists. I like Solid Edge 2D, but I LOVE Solid Edge. I can’t say I’m proficient in it yet, but, so far, it’s easy to learn and very powerful.


I just didn’t want to learn something and then have it taken away and have to pay a ransom to get it back was my point lol.I will check out solid edge.I seen some instructional videos on viacad on YouTube and it will import dxf files.Its not very expensive.