Plasma won't fire (Razorcut45)

The plasma will not fire. I have the Razor Cut 45 and the machine torch. I have the VIM plugged in as specified I removed the cover on the plasma to verify the ports for the THC and the Torch On/Off were correct. (Torch on/off to black and yellow wires) checked all cable connections in the electronics box also checked the to make sure the relay and the THC were seated properly. I am testing it with the test button in fire control wizard and I don’t hear anything at all when I click fire. Should I be able to hear the relay click? Nothing at all happens. The ground clamp is connected directly to the sheet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Is your torch on/off cable plugged in here?

A number of people have mistakenly plugged it into the VIM box.

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Is this your first time attempting to fire? Simple stuff first. Is the controller box on? Do you see the light on at the switch and the LED light on the controller? The Razor is on. Control is connected to the right port on the plasma? Pictures of your set up would help.

Solved (ish) It is either the relay or the motor control board that is faulty. Performed diagnostic recommended by Langmuir to come to conclusion hopefully they will send a new relay and or board.
Thanks for the responses.

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