Plasma won't fire /but an fire manual

Got a small issue, set up langmuir cnc, loaded mach3 download code files, i can run system without plasma fire to make sure no problems works great but when i turn plasma on and then run program plasma won’t fires can fire if i hit screen button but won’t fire by its self!!! any help would do

Is your cutter in 2T or 4T mode?

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So when you press F5 the torch will fire, but when you run a program, it doesnt fire?

Select the MDI tab in Mach3. In the text field at the bottom, type M03 then enter. The torch should fire. Type M05 and enter to turn the torch off.

If the torch fires, then its an issue with your cutting program.

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what is 2T or 4T ? we are trying to make our first cut on the PRO and it won’t fire…Arc is lost…so we shut off THC and it follows the cut path up and down but never turns on. the RW is at 29amps the pressure dial is at 70 psi…and the other button is on 4T could that be our problem? other than being total newbies. Lisa

2T is like an on/off switch. When the G-Code says “mill on” it triggers the connection and it stays on until the next “mill off” command.

4T is like a pushbutton you have to hold to keep it going. So “mill on” turns it on but because there’s no continuous “mill on” command, it goes right out because there’s nothing holding the “pushbutton” in.

You want 2T.

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