Plasma system question for XR

I put a deposit down on a first batch XR. My plan is to use a Hypertherm 45xp. I like that the 45xp has the marking feature. I asked LS if it supports the marking feature and they said they do not.
Does anyone know why the marking feature will not work? Wouldn’t it be something set up in the cut parameters or done as a second process?
This will be my first CNC plasma table/first cnc anything.
I appreciate your help,

It will work, the XR itself only moves the torch around, it doesn’t care what the torch is doing. I could be wrong…

The marking function of the 45xp seems like it’s suited for utility, not appearance. Just something to keep in mind.

Thank you for your reply.
I intended to use the marking function to make lines to layout bends and beads that will be added to the cut body panels.
I am going to primarily cut body panels and floor pans for military vehicles on the plasma table. Then I will use a combination of a Pullmax P6 and metal brake to form them. The marking function will speed the process.