Plasma firing during jog path between letters

Hello! NOOB in all caps here! Just got my crossfire and razorweld 30 set up this week. I have been attempting to do my work logo, which is just letters. It starts off great, but the plasma never stops firing from the beginning to the end of the program…so I have cut lines in between my letters.

Here has been my process: 1. load logo bmp into inkscape. Trace bitmap use brightness cutoff and save logo as svg. 2. Go over to and open svg file. Follow path operation. Calculate all and export g-code. 3. Open mache and load and run g-code.

It looks like in makercam that it understands not to be cutting as it jogs between letters, but it never stops firing. Do I need to somehow tell the system to stop firing between letters? That doesn’t seem feasible, as it jumps around from letter to letter in what seems to be random, but I’m guessing the computer knows the most efficient way to do it? Anyhow, any advice would be appreciated!

Do you have the cutter set for 2T mode vs 4T? It needs to be 2T.

Also, G-Code is not G-Code. The post processor that you’re using in Makercam should be for Mach3 without Z control. Check to see if it’s including a M05 command before the travel commands. M03 is used to turn it on & M05 turns it off. In 2T mode this results in proper operation.

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My laptop is dead, but I’ll run this down tomorrow. Thank you for giving me some things to chase down!

My setup is in a friends garage until my garage is done with 220, so I can’t check the settings on the razorweld 30 for 2t or 4t, but I just found something that says if I bought the razorweld 30 from langmuir, which I did, it only operates in 2t.

So, just checked my code. M3 is the sixth line of code and m5 is the second to last…no me or m5 in between. So, that’s my problem! The process I described above was from a youtuber…guess I need to learn from somebody else :roll_eyes:. Thanks!

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Your right the Razorweld 30i only has 2t setting. Follow the Langmuir tutorial on Fusion 360. I think that will help the most.

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Back to school! This thing is so cool I tried getting it going before I knew what I was doing :slight_smile:


Yep, you’ve found it. Now to track down why it generated like that.

Glad you’re making progress though. Once you get it down, you’re going to have fun watching something you made get cut from steel.

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