Plasma cutter razorweld

hi everyone asking the guys that have a razorweld 45 have you been told to rewire it to the inside of the machine Langmuir sent me avideo a few days ago i just noticed about doing this anyone else recieve it? is it because the arn’t putting out the right volts?

That isn’t the rw45 they work fine on the divided voltage. It’s the Everlast that work better on raw voltage.

Ok thanks!!!

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Designed an image yesterday and cut it out had outside offse, noticed a couple things i had to adjust and wanted to change the change was just lettering from cut out to cut around if youy know what im saying then i tried again to generate a g code and it comes up now. some paths were not generated correctly there coulod be a problem with your drawing. but if i change it to no offset it will generate but wanted to trey to use outside offset why did it change and doesnt want to generate or??? will it still work looks like it did create a cut path or will it just stop along the way while cutting?

Probably when you changed your offset it caused problems with your lead ins, lead outs or pierce clearance. Try adjusting those setting to 0 and see if that helps.
If it does go back and start adding back to what you set to zero until it wont create a cut path, then you know where you need to be
If your cam program does not generate a cut path its not going to cut.

Also try to make your questions more understandable otherwise people with skip over trying to help you.

i didnt change offset until it said some paths were not generated correctly / there could be a problem with your drawing. thats when i changed it to no offset and it worked but why did it change when it worked yesterday is what gets me. and i cant get it to work on outside offset with out that alert showing up.

i changed the lead in and lead out to zero and it still sends the same alert unless its on no offset

What cad- cam software are you using?

This sounds like a Sheetcam message. Post a picture of the screen with the error message.

It’s likely that there is a problem with your drawing, but sometimes it’s what you intended and Sheetcam will warn you that something may be wrong.

Those messages don’t necessarily mean that it won’t cut. It usually just means the result may not be what you wanted.

For example, Sheetcam always warns you that open paths were not offset. This isn’t a problem if you have open paths in your design. If your design doesn’t have open paths, it’s a warning to check your design for broken lines.


Uploading: E3F98658-2F80-4A2F-BE47-48294F832EAB.jpeg…

Yes sheetcam and it won’t let me download the photo off my phone

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httpsi.etsystatic.comicm4e30f2451752935icm_fullxfull.451752935_cjv8g911w1wk4gc8swwo.pdfversion=0.pdf|attachment (377.0 KB)

wasnt this one cant even get the image to this sight

do you mind or can you answer why? some designs work fine and others won’t what does a person need to avoid i don’t want to sit and design something for an Hr. and it sends a code instead of creating cut lines so i can create a g code I’m not going to waist my time or metal if it says some paths were not generated correctly/there could be a problem with your drawing,

I’d have to see the actual drawing that you made and see if there is anything wrong with it. It’s it a DXF or SVG file? You could email it to me at