Plasma cutter razorweld x45

Hey, just curious, im just browsing and researching more on the razorweld cutter, im seeing more people have been having trouble with it from my research like 50/50, its not refiring or it cuts off after 5 cuts,
Is this an old issue, has it been fixed? I ordered the packaged deal along with the pro,
Should I cancel that part of my order and get another plasma cutter like hypertherm?
I hate surprises that comes with a high price.
As much as possible I like going by what a company recommends.
Your thoughts, experience, is highly appreciated, im both excited and worried at the same time because its my only one bullet to have a cnc table cutter (financially speaking)
And I dont want it to be a bust.

I went with Hypertherm 45XP after reading here some of the issues with The Razorweld. I’ve had zero problems with it. Not sure this helps with your decision since I know there will be posts with guys saying the same thing about the RW45. I do find it interesting that guys are buying torches for the RW45 that use Hypertherm consumables.

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