Placing your deposit on MR-1

I am a little new so I was wondering if you can tell me about placing your deposit on this CNC.
Do you have to build all the accessories you want and take them to the check out or can you add these at a later date?
Is the software to run this included and is it the same as your plasma table?

You build it the way you want, If you order things you want now there covered in the shipping cost to you. If you purchase them later which is ok you will pay freight on them also. If there heavy it could be quite a few bucks for shipping. The software is different it is cut control made for a Mill not plasma. It is included with the purchase of the mill. Windows only. No MAC at this time.

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Thankyou for your reply. I should be a little clearer on my 2 questions:).
Can you add to the deposit order before the MR-1 is shipped or do you need to add all this within the next few days. If I put the deposit down in 3 days for the Mill can I add to that order later before the final bill is due?
As far as the software I am wondering if it is like Mach where it has Plasma, Mill, Router capabilities but its still Mach. I understand each one is different but Mach there are still a lot of similarities. Hope that makes sense.

Hey all, I think most if not all of these questions we answer here. Worth a read for anyone wanting to participate on Tuesday!


THank you!! I have been trying to research so much info I must have missed this. It exactly what I was looking for.