Pierce delay problems

Hey I have been running my cross fire pro for a little while now mainly cutting 1/8 “ material and have been using the hypertherm cut charts and they seem to have been working fine.
I got a bunch of 14 ga material and adjusted ipm and used there recommended pierce delay . When a ran the program for a simple bear sign it kept stopping after every part and saying pierce delay issue and fireshare recommends a minimum delay of .5 I think hypertherm wanted .2. Anyways I had to stop and hit generate start point again like 7 times and I thing due to this it screwed up my sign and cut outside the body a bit and moved a few cuts alittle.
Does everyone just use the fireshare delay for everything And set at .5


Add .4 to the Hypertherm recommended pierce delay

Hypertherm counts pierce delay from the time the torch actually fires.

Firecontrol counts from the time the command to fire the torch is sent.

This results in needing to add time to the Hypertherm delays.

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Ok thanks , I’ll try it

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