Pierce Delay and Units?

I’m having issues with the torch starting and stopping shortly after with a “pierce delay” warning. It is firing briefly. When the warning comes up I have tried increasing and/or decreasing the delay in FireControl to no avail. I have tried several TAP files with similar results. Based on the Sheetcam (attached) tool settings can anyone suggest value changes, eg. pierce height, pierce delay? Also, my unit time setting (attached) show “s” and I’m wondering if it should be “ms”…
Razorweld 45 machine set at 30+ amps. Using 14 and 16 ga mild steel. Thanks for any help!!

Watching this thread, because I suddenly have the same problem today (first time I’ve had this issue). I’ve been playing with my pierce delay (up to 1 second so far), but when the cut stops to move to another area, it fails out again with the same warning.

if I am not mistaken your pierce delay in your tool settings in sheetcam needs to be much higher with a razor unit…try setting it to .6…
do not increase you pierce delay in FireControl…do it the tool settings in sheetcam…in Firecontrol it is on the fly adjustments

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I will give .6 a try.
Any idea if the unit of time setting in Sheetcam should be in seconds or milliseconds?

if you look at the picture you posted…it is in “S”…seconds…if it was milliseconds…it would say “MS”

I get that it’s in seconds. my question is should it be in milliseconds? Thanks

you can type .6 in the box…it will only accept seconds…you can put .59 if you want which is 590 milliseconds…the bax says seconds…you put in seconds…if you try to type 600ms…it will go to 600 seconds…

I have to check that out! I’m feeling like a dingbat if that’s the case. I saw a video on YT that said to use ms and not sec but it wasn’t a Sheetcam vid. Thanks!

There’s a Mach 3 issue with pierce delays less than a second. They needed to be set as ms. Over 1s it could be ms or seconds.

Sheetcam gets it right. Use whichever unit you’re comfortable with. But honestly, there’s no value to using the extra precision that ms offer, you’re going to be using 1/2 second & more for almost everything.

Do you see other possible issues in the tool setting pic above? Pierce height?? My first few cuts were nice but the last 6 (same material) have gone to warnings. thanks!!

Pierce height looks okay. The cutting speed might be a tad fast for 14 or 16ga at 30A.

I tend to run the torch at its highest power and adjust the cut with the speed. I’ll dip the power for thin stuff (18 or 20ga or thinner) because I can’t run the table fast enough (>300ipm). The other time I’ll adjust power is when using fine cut consumables - for the RW, a .08 tip would be in the 25A range vs a 1.0 I’d run at 45A.

You might want to look at yours to make sure you haven’t gotten plasma splash on the tip or nozzle orifice too. That will muck up cuts and can happen if you are going too fast so the arc can’t make it all the way through the material and blows back.

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I run 14g at around 90 IPM at 32 amps and .5 pierce delay with pretty good results. 150 IPM at 30 amps seems too fast

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