Pictures of RAW Voltage wiring on Everlast 52I

That is correct.


Maybe I missed something. I have the Everlast52i. I hooked the red and black banana cables to the terminals inside the plasma cutter. Those are now connected to the VIM. I soldered pins 1 and 2 on the CNC plug, the end of that cable is a AC adaptor style plug, does that go into DIV in? Because I already have the CNC table plugged into PV Out. I thought DIV IN AND OUT weren’t used?

Where do I plug the CNC plug from the back of the plasma cutter?

Ok I think it’s an either or. I either use the banana plugs OR the CNC plug soldering pins 1&2, and 4&6.
Is that correct?

Terminals 1 & 2 cable plugs into the control box. It says torch on/ off

The Red lead is hooked up to the work clamp, correct?
The black lead is hooked up to the torch, correct?
They plug in the VMI box.
PV out plugs into the control box also directly above the torch on/off in the picture.
It says THC.


Ahh I missed seeing that Torch On/Off input on the control box :sweat_smile:

Thank you!!

As Bigdaddy said, the wire connected to pins 1&2 gets plugged into the electronics enclosure where it says “torch on/off”. Without this, the torch will not fire.

Forget pins 4&6, if you have wired to raw voltage with the banana plug wires.

The only thing that gets plugged into the VIM is the red and black plugs on the face and a wire from PV out to the THC port on the electronics enclosure.

That’s all of the wires from the plasma cutter to the VIM and electronics enclosure.

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