Pictures of RAW Voltage wiring on Everlast 52I

Seen a lot of posts about the CNC plug being inaccurate, I’m not a fan of electrical work at all so don’t feel comfy soldering on a brand new machine, once my 52I shows up I want to go right to wiring into raw like my OG OG RW45 was (before they offered a CNC version)

Anyone have pictures to help guide a scaredy-cat like myself trough this?

A healthy respect for the voltages and power in a Plasma Cutter certainly does NOT make you a ‘scaredy-cat’! Unfortunately, other than offering this perspective, I can’t help you with that unit.


here are some pictures of my 62i…should be the exact same for your machine…if you want to go direct into the aw voltage
I have heard some people say they are comfortable and get good results from the pin connection…your owners manual shows the pin connection


I just did my 52i. No soldering. 5/16” ring terminal on the red supplied cable and a 1/2” ring terminal on the black supplied cable. Take the back plate off then the green case. You will want to crimp the ring terminals on after you push the wires through the front grill. They will not fit through with the ring terminals already on. Two things to unscrew on the torch side, one on the clamp side. Easy-peasy.


That seems simple enough I couldn’t get the plug to work either way on my 60s.

Thanks for the pictures! Helped a ton!

Lastly, what did you do for the torch signal on/off?

I believe it is pin 1 and 2 to connect to…very easy…there is no positive or negative to worry about for the switch.

Currently pins 1 & 2 on the CNC port. However, my machine torch is pre-wired by George with leads to connect to. I am going to completely forego the CNC port and connect on to those.

My machine torch is heading his way to be reworked for this machine as well may just re wire the triggers into mine also.

Got it up and going tonight, just got to figure out why my THC isn’t keeping the right distance from the plate now, was running pretty much touching where before with the RW45 it was hovering above at the right distance

Damn is this really it! Im excited, got my pro built and everlast 52i coming in the mail today… thank you for the pictures, helping me understand abunch.

Hi everyone, I’ve been reading here for a while. I got my Crossfire table a few days ago, waiting on my expansion kit and water table to be delivered before I get it set up.

I have an Everlast 52i cutter. My plan was to follow the information provided in this post and tap into raw voltage. I didn’t receive a red/black wire to tap into the lugs inside the machine. Mine came with the cable in the image below. Did the supplied wiring change or am I missing something?

That cable comes with the THC components. Did you get the torch height controller? If not, there is no need to tap into raw voltage for anything.

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No THC… so i literally just need to follow the instructions and splice in the provided cable. Thank you for clearing that up!

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You can cut the ends off and solder them to pins 1&2 on the CNC plug that goes on the back off the plasma.

I saved a thread on that as well. I’ll likely go that route for cleaner install. Thanks again!

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Did you take off that little air line? I’m trying to take mine apart to send away for repairs and can’t remember how i got my torch raw voltage on

hey buddy, since you have a 62i, I wired mine up just like yours and finally got my Crossfire Pro up and running. I’ve cut some 3/8steel plate but I just kinda punched in some random numbers for my Tooling in SHeetcam lol. You care to share some tool speeds and amps settings for certain metal thickness? I love my 62i, have had it for 1.5yrs now with 25ft hand torch but I’ve been cutting with it by hand on all the fab work i do and I’m totally clueless on what parameters would be good for certain metals. The most common I cut is 10g steel (3/16), 1/4 and 3/8. Any help is much appreciated, thank you sir

ahhhhhh so with no THC all you need is on and off then?

that was the part i was missing. lol


so…here is a real easy way to do this…

top right of the screen there is a little magnifying glass…
click it and type in
everlast cut chart
you will see a few posts with them on it…

these are starting points as everyone has different air quality so you may have to adjust the setting a little bit.


So if I am understanding the DIV IN and DIV OUT ports on the THC controller will not be used, if wiring directly to the Terminals as in the pictures?

Then just wiring the pins 1 an 2 to the CNC plug is the only other wiring and its ready to go?

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