Pausing since newest update

Anyone else having issues since the newest update and pausing? Sometimes when I pause it throws an error like the torch isnt firing. It then does a “run from here”. I like to pause for tipups and when cutting thick material to let the plasma cool down so having a non fully functioning pause option is becoming a nuisance.

this is happening to me after I recently updated.

It’s happening to me too.

when was the last update you did on Fire Control?

easiest way to coorect this is to go into add/delete programs in your PC control panel.
remove FireControl…
go to Langmuir and download the newest FireControl…it is now at 20.6.2…even though it only shows 20.6

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That 20.6 / 20.6.2 threw me off. I kept trying to figure out why I moved to the .2 but it wasn’t showing on my version. Funny.

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