Parts different sizes

Anyone ever cut two of the same file and have them come out different sizes? I cut two table leg bases and one is 3/8" longer than the other. The relief cut outs are also different sizes. Of course it was my last bit of material left, so I have to order more to try again…

Same .tap file? scale in mach 3 still shows +1.000 ? no other chance of a setting change in Mach 3?

I managed to find some material and cut another piece. It came out the same this time. I have no idea what happened. Nothing changed from the first piece. :man_shrugging:t2: The kerf slightly changes with this RW45 but nothing is ever predictable with it anyway. But 3/8” difference overall was way more than the cut angularity.

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Possible that the stepper motor skipped steps?

Yeah if for some reason the torch touched something or you bearing carriage maybe got stuck briefly the steeper will take back off and continue the cut even though its not where it thinks it is.Depending on the shape it may not be noticeable other than its shorter.

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