Parts being cut are not coming out to right size

Parts being cut are not coming out to right size

not much info to try to help you out.


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There’s a few variables that could have this effect.

Do you think you could define your scenario in greater detail.

Including pictures of the part and your parameters you use to cut it would be a great start.

You could also include your f3d file from Fusion 360 if that’s the cam software you’re using

If you’re using sheet cam you can screenshot and post those parameters as well.

Size material, power and speed make a difference.

You can change the “offset” from center of the nozzle, iirc .065, i may be wrong. I have cut w/i +/- .020 with experiments.

In sheetcam its easy to change the offset of the cut, you need to measure the curf ,your cut width, divide by 2 and that is your offset value to start.

But!! You need to 1st make sure your dwg/svg/dxf is to size

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Thank you all for your help .
I was playing with motor tuning settings and the parts seem to be coming out correctly.
In fusion 360 the part was 4’‘X12’’ before motor tuning parts came out short 3’‘3/4X11’'3/4.
The kerf with is around .125 i don’t know how to make it left right or center in fusion or mach3 ?
Thank You Saber5

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Just don’t even understand this. None of that is correct and will ever get you consistant cuts for the future. No plasma has an 1/8” kerf. No idea what motor tuning is. My suggestion is stop using Fusion 360. Use a basic 2D program, use Sheetcam then Mach3. Learn the correct way to start instead of trying to fix lack of knowledge on Fusion.

Every time people have problems, it seems Fusion 360 is 90% the problem.

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I’d modify this to say the ‘lack of understanding Fusion 360 is 90% the problem’. Fusion 360 itself is not the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

And, I’ll add, I agree, in this case, clearly the right answer is to take a MUCH simpler approach.

Post your f3d file from fusion 360 and I can see where you’re at.

This video goes over how to export an f3d file