Outdated tutorials

What’s is the point of having online tutorials that aren’t the same as the downloads you get from Langmuir site?.. been messing around for hours and got so frustrated I had to walk away. When are you going to update tutorials or send out instructions so I can figure it out?

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We are nearly complete with the completely new set of tutorial videos that covers all the software. Fusion 360 is constantly changing and it would be impossible for us to release a new set of videos every time there is a change.


To echo Langmuir’s response, the software for Fusion360 has changed significantly in the past 3-6 months. That’s not something they produce and/or have control of. I had signed up for an online course for it and same thing, it was way out of whack with the new menus etc. I use it frequently enough that I knew where to go despite the disconnect but you’ll find Fusion360 seems to be changing constantly.

I remember at least 3 major changes in the past year.

YT is full of outdated tutorials. (Actually Autodesk has some outdated ones too :slightly_smiling_face:)


This was one of the many reasons I quit using fusion. I started out using it when I purchased the table. I just found it to be too much for what I wanted to do.

What do you use instead?

I use Inkscape for design stuff.

I got my crossfire in July 2020, Fusion upgraded their ‘manufacture’ feature to better serve the machine trade users. The Langmuir videos does not show how to install the CAM portion and Post to the new Fusion 360 changes, I tried to read between the lines and at the end, it will not let me paste and copy the CPS file from downloads. I sent a email to Langmuir and they simply said to just watch the videos. I am now using sheetcam and inkscape.