Other cut software on Crossfire Pro?

I have and love the cross fire pro, and love fire control.

But my wife makes wood signs and designs with a micro laser CNC. I see it’s fully possible to utilize the Crossfire table with other software to wood burn/cut.

Is this table/platform able to communicate with other software? Has anyone tried? Because I have a design to mount a Co2 100w laser to this table to allow my self to continue to cut sheet and plate. But allow my wife to cut and burn her wood signs for her business as we’ll.

Only limitation is the language at which the table communicates inputs from other software to allow laser cutting. Is this possible?

Has anyone tried? Would love to know. This could maximize my table 10x if it does.

You ‘could’ try a generic GRBL controller. Somewhere along the line I heard that the CrossFire controller uses GRBL. The problem you have is that you’ll just get X & Y control and a really shitty laser fire control (if you can figure out how to hook it up). Firecontrol controls a plasma torch with maybe 50-100 millisecond resolution. A laser would require at least 500-1000 times that resolution to get anything useful.

I certainly wouldn’t put a CO2 laser on an open frame either.

Just my $0.02…

Why wouldn’t you?

#1 - CO2 Laser will blind you,
#2 - CO2 Laser will severely burn you
#3 - CO2 Laser light is not visible to the eye so it’s easy to put your hand into a beam DAMHIKT!
#4 - shit happens and will. Even if you surround your system with Laser opaque material, you’ll have problems.
#5 - The Crossfire table is not stiff enough to draw a high resolution (125 micron) line accurately.
#6 - a 100W CO2 laser tube is longer than a Pro table so you need mirrors. Mirrors get dirty easily even in an enclosed space and a Plasma Table with a water tray is about as dirty as they get.

Other than that…