Orientation Issue

When I start up Fusion my orientation of the plane is all srewed up. How do you fix it so the plane is right apon start up?

So are you having issues initially starting a sketch or an existing sketch that you have made is messed up?

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I’m having the same problem…my Y and Z planes are not right…

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In reality, the plane that you sketch on is not critical. What is critical is that you set up the correct XYZ coordinate system in Fusion 360; that process is covered in our CAM setup tutorial.

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Every time I start a sketch its on the wrong plane trying to figure out how to make it start on the right plane

Top right cube click front. Work off that.


As a rule of thumb I start my first sketch on the “top” view. It’s not necessary but I have pulled drawing into other assemblies in the and a common reference make that easier.